Ceremony Traditions in Thailand

Any Thai couple’s wedding day is a significant event in their lives. Usually, the few bow in front of their parents or elders to show gratitude and ask for forgiveness https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/soloish/wp/2018/03/15/some-men-on-tinder-want-women-to-send-the-first-message-heres-why-that-doesnt-work/ before an older male, known as a’ sai sin’, is invited to bless the couple. The newly-weds are even dipped in divine ocean and tied to pieces of light string,» sai sin,» around their wrists. Some relatives, friends and effectively- wishers likely connect the wire bracelets for them as well, adding to the cheerful atmosphere of the occasion.

Before the actual wedding, a number of senior members of both families and friends are invited to attend a ceremonial Rod Nam Sang () where they will pour holy water from a conch shell over the couple’s hands hot thai actress. The couple will press their hands together and bow to show respect to their guests.

Since this ritual seems to be a very serious affair, many people may find it to be a little intimidating, but it’s actually just a customary way for the bride and groom to respect and applaud their elders for helping them live happy lives. During the ceremony, the couple will also take a merit gift, usually in the form of money, to give to the monks.

Depending on the region, a traditional wedding can have different religious elements. For example, in the South, where Buddhism is a major religion, it’s customary for couples to invite nine monks to their ceremony and to have a Khan Maak procession.

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